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Suzanne Jennings

Meikle Fine Art Gallery Santa Fe | Posted on |

Books by Barbara 


Hello, this is Meiklefineart. Meikle Barbara is an artist who paints the simple world outside of her door in Tesuque, a village on the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Meikle has been an artist from childhood.

In college, she earned a BA in painting and printmaking at the University of Denver and studied watercolor at Cambridge University in England. 

So many paintings made by her but she is an expert in oil on canvas paintings and so many paintings are sold here is the name of those paintings - THE LAST LAUGH, DECEMBER MAGIC, THE TREAT COMMITTEE,

A HERD APART these are four names of paintings because of the list of those paintings which are sold that is so long. So if you are interested to see those arts you can visit our site maybe you love those all paintings and maybe you want anyone from those among paintings and you wanna put that painting on your house of the wall I'm sure it looks amazing.

look we have so many artists with their paintings you can buy any painting

that you want. Because we selling paintings. to see the painting to buy a painting just visit our website:- and buy your painting to make your house amazing.Books by Barbara