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Best Bollywood Movies of 2018

I know 2018 has been a disappointing one but still there were some movies that came on big screen silently and left a mark on whatever little audience they get Those movies had a purpose which was enough to move us and hence they will be the ones worth remembering as we head towards the New Year .

Meetali Asiwal

@ Thinker | Posted 17 Dec, 2018 | Entertainment / Lifestyle

Posted By: Meetali Asiwal (Posted 17 Dec, 2018)

Bollywood movies of 2018 everyone must watch before entering 2019

Although very little has been left with Bollywood to offer in the name of artistic pieces, some movies are still made, now and then, which are worth the audience’s time and money. I’m not talking about the likes of Race 3 or Sanju, which give us nothing entertaining and everything …

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