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Change The Email Address For Your Account

In some cases you can use a different email address username to identify your Google AccountWhat is this email addressThis email address appears next to your name and profile photo when youre signed in To find it click or tap on your profile photoYou can enter through itThis is where you get important information about your most commonly used Google services as long as you do not add a contact emailStep 1 See if you can change it or notOn your computer go to your Google Accounts pageOn the left navigation panel click on personal informationOn the contact information panel click EmailChoose Google account email If you can not open this setting then you probably can not change the email or usernameIf your accounts email address ends with gmailcom then you can not usually change itIf you are using a Google Account through your office school or other group you can ask your admin for helpStep 2 Changing itNext to your email address select Make changesEnter your new email address Choose an email address that was not previously used for any other Google AccountIf you are having problems go to the Help section to change your email addressTake the steps described on the screenWe will send an email with a link to confirm your new email address You need to open that email and click on that link If you can not find the email try fixing the problem For more info visit the site httpemailsupportnumbersusacomyahoomailsupportnumber.

Julia Ava

@ julia-ava=3754 | Posted 04 Mar, 2019 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Julia Ava (Posted 04 Mar, 2019)

Why Yahoo Messenger Stopped

From the world of instant messaging, that hugged people and made a special place in your desktops and mobiles, the same Yahoo messenger who has revolutionized the messaging world is now completely closed.

However, Yahoo has shut down its messaging service Yahoo Messenger since July 17. Earlier …

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