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Everything you need to know about osteoporosis and treatment

The human body and its shape per se relies upon bones If the bones start getting damaged survival of the entire body becomes tough One such condition that usually adult human beings have to face is called Osteoporosis.

Ortho sehat

@ Orthopedic Doctor | Posted 21 May, 2019 | Health & beauty

Posted By: Ortho sehat (Posted 29 May, 2019)

Osteoporosis Management and Treatment

Due to the normal aging process, people start losing bone but in some cases, they start losing bone density at a much higher rate, which leads to Osteoporosis and ultimately bone fractures.

There are many other factors that cause Osteoporosis and are related to our lifestyle, like heavy drinking …

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Posted By: Ortho sehat (Posted 21 May, 2019)

Everything you need to know about osteoporosis and treatment.

Osteoporosis means porous bones

The human body constantly keeps up rebuilding bone tissue replacing old damaged bone, but do as we age the body stops producing bones in an adequate amount. if the repair process is slow Osteoporosis results . It is necessary to consult an Osteoporosis Surgeon or …

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