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Exam Paranoia and Mothers

We all have seen our mothers going crazy at our exam time. It's almost as if we are going on a war and there they are with all our weapons polished. From our food charts to our periodic tables, everything is in control of moms, and all can say is, "she's mom after all!".

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

@ Entrepreneur | Posted 24 Jul, 2018 | Education

Posted By: Prreeti Radhika Taneja (Updated 08 Aug, 2018)

Who needs counseling during exams? Mothers or children?

To all the moms who go ninja during kids’ exams

“I don’t like exams,” said the 15-years old kid.

“You will score well, just study more,” retorted the mother.

“I don’t mind scoring less. I just don’t like exams because of you.” came the reply.

“What else can I do?

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