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Jantar Mantar is the Capitals protest ground for unheard voices of people who come from all over the country to share their grievances.

Nirupama Sekhri

@ Listener of Small Voices | Posted 31 Dec, 2018 | Current Topics

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 07 Mar, 2020)

Protesting Anti-People Policies

Focus on Ground Realities

The Government presented an anti-people budget, and a two-day platform by a network of 300 organisations deliberated in Jantar-Mantar on how to reclaim full citizenship and state guarantees, along with state laws and policies that are inclusive and non-discriminatory

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 28 Jan, 2020)

JNU & Jamia Protests: Why & What Now?

After the controversial attack on Jamia students protesting against the CAA by policemen on Dec. 15, 2019; faculty and students at the prestigious JNU were attacked on Jan. 5, 2020 by masked goons.


How could such violence be unleashed on state-sponsored universities of such high …

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Emma Obama

nive post i like it.

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 22 Nov, 2019)

Against PSB Mergers

‘‘Want to provide evidence that didn’t give in without a fight!’’

These were the words of Anita Singh, who has been with the Dena Bank’s clearance cell for 34 years. This Government-forced merger, that had bank employees across the country going on strike, will have very little impact …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 04 Oct, 2019)

Parity under 7th CPC

‘Our Govt. More Regressive than British!’

 ‘Even while the Government is inviting foreign universities to set-up shop in the country, what about looking after its own employees?’ demanded SC Joshi, General Secretary of the Delhi University & College Karamchari Union. He led a few …

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InnoTech Solutions

Thank you so much for this article.Regard,

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 10 Sep, 2019)

Caste in Faith

Lord Rama higher than Guru Ravidass?

Guru Ravidas is widely believed to have been born in Varanasi in 1450 to a community considered low in caste working as they did with animal hide and leather. But, he grew up to be a thinker, philosopher and revolutionary, who spoke about an egalitarian society …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 12 Aug, 2019)

Upholding Indigenous Identities

''We are NOT Hindu''

This was the rallying cry of the 200-odd participants demanding for protection of their identity on International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, August 09

Campaign Message 

''It was our people who the world first knew from this land; now it is pandits - no - …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 27 Apr, 2019)

Children’s Parliament Manifesto

Nine Is Mine

With Jantar Mantar formally closed for protests until the end of Lok Sabha elections, there was yet an unusual group that came to put forward their election agenda for all contesting parties to take into account - children.

From various schools around the city, they shared their …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 06 Apr, 2019)

BSNL Protest

“We support RSS & BJP ideology but will oppose them on policy”

“There are more than one and a half lakh direct employees of BSNL, and thousands of retired employees as well as contract labor – we will all oppose the ruling government because their policies have hurt each of us,” was …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 19 Mar, 2019)

Unfinished EWS Quota

Lovely Gift Hamper with NOTHING Inside

Early this year, the central government introduced the General Category EWS 103rd Amendment Act that came into effect on January 14, which allows for 10% reservation for financially disadvantaged of the general category for government jobs.

Sanjeev Kumar …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 08 Mar, 2019)

Unprecedented Eviction AFTER SV Act ‘14

“Jai Mata meaningless without respecting people”

“Our Parliament can make rules overnight to allow MNCs into the country, but it is dragging its feet to protect its own street vendors – whose government is it?” demands Saktiman Ghosh, General Secretary, National Hawkers Federation …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 25 Feb, 2019)

Restore Our Identity & Livelihoods

Tripura’s Farmer Philosopher

“When Arjuna faced a problem, he called upon Krishna to guide him. Today, we Indians have the Constitution that plays the same role as the Gita did for Arjuna, so we are here to invoke that right of ours,” says Ravi Jamata, a farmer from Teliamura in the heart of …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 13 Feb, 2019)

Demand for Retirement Benefits

“Give us old pension scheme or STOP your own!”

This was the rallying cry of the hundreds of state government employees from across the country, who gathered at Jantar Mantar.

Under the old pension system, a retired state government employee was assured a pension that was adjusted to the …

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Sandy Blair

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 05 Feb, 2019)

Review Surrogacy Bill 2016

Government Playing Ignorant Nanny!

“Our family was exploring surrogacy for one of our family members a couple of years ago, and I had a chance to learn about the issue,” says Kiran Chawla Kapoor, a social activist, “I was struck by the changes the Surrogacy Bill 2016 was proposing and decided …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 30 Jan, 2019)

India – A Socialist Republic?

Peethambaram: One of India’s Unclaimed

In the year of the Indo-Pakistan war 1965, Peethambar enrolled himself in Cochin in the army as a signalman. “I trained in Goa; I was posted in Sikkim in Nathula on the China border; I served with the Western Command Signals, and was serving in Jalandhar …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 24 Jan, 2019)

Venkupalem Land Grab

Banking on Illiteracy

Venkupalem is a small village 27 km west of the coastal city of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. It has a population of about thousand people, mostly engaged in small farming activities, many of them illiterate, ten of whom were in Delhi to protest against their lands being …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 03 Jan, 2019)

AISEC Demands

“Introduce Pass-Fail from Class 1” 

It was under the UPA government in 2010 that the no-detention till Class 8 policy was introduced. The justification was to reduce academic stress on children and promote healthy, holistic growth in budding minds and bodies.

AISEC-demands-letsdiskuss(AISEC Demands)

However, …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 31 Dec, 2018)

Jat Threats

Not the Creamy Layer

They were back. Headed by their bolshie leader Yashpal Malik; with their now signature bullheaded belligerence, they streamed down Jantar Mantar street to demand Jats to be on the central OBC (Other ‘backward’ Caste) list to be qualified for the 27% reserved quotas in …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 22 Dec, 2018)

Railway Engineers Protest

“Stop humiliation of engineers!”

“Imagine an engineering job with NO promotion!” that is a primary grievance that an energetic, dynamic group of railway engineers have with their job.

protest-at-jantar-mantar-letsdiskuss(Stop humiliation of engineers)

“We are the backbone of the railway network. We have to continuously …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 19 Dec, 2018)

Resume Mining in Goa

‘Legal’ Mining! Who’s speaking for the land?

Since mechanized mining began in the 17th century, it has left in its wake kilometers-long, surreal-looking, gaping gashes of devastation and toxic waste. While in the last century, many developed countries have implemented stringent regulations - …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 14 Dec, 2018)

Samvidhan Samman Yatra

“Need to talk about Constitution not Manusmriti”

This is what Himshi, one of the coordinators of the veritable juggernaut of the country’s grassroots population that finally halted in the Capital on Dec. 10 after its 3-month journey, asserted. She has been working for the past two and a half …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 10 Dec, 2018)

Land Grabbing in Uttar Pradesh

“Protesting cow killing is convenience not conviction”

There was frenzied sloganeering and mike-amplified homilies on the 26th anniversary of the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on December 06 by politicos and the public alike. Cleaved between these big groups was a small, bewildered …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 07 Dec, 2018)

Assam Rifles Protest

Country’s right civil arm & military’s left, but stepchild of Govt.

This is what Assam Rifles (AR) veterans consider as their status. While its 66000- strong servicemen are deployed across the north-eastern regions, their one lakh ex-servicemen hail from across India and Nepal, some …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 04 Dec, 2018)

Farmers March on Delhi

‘Listen to our life stories from around the country’

Demanded thousands of farmers, who descended on Delhi from all over the country. “Thousands of suicides have not melted the heart of the Parliament to find out why farmers are being driven to such extreme measures, so we have to come here …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 28 Nov, 2018)

Rollback LPG Price Rise

“I paid Rs. 1800 for a ‘free’ gas cylinder!’

Says Reena, a resident of south-west Delhi’s Sitapuri, who works in the informal sector. And she is not alone, “Many of us have been fooled by this Ujjwala scheme – it is a sham,” she claims.

This is what a motley group under the political …

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Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 23 Nov, 2018)

BRO Woes

“Why are our children condemned to be labourers too?”

“When we join the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) as labourers, it is understood that our children will do the same because no educational facilities are provided for them. We eat dust, burn in the sun, brave the rain and sleet; don’t …

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Sumil Yadav


अमन कुमार

Their plight is pathetic! 

Rahul Mehra

More power to the protesters! 

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 17 Nov, 2018)

Protest for Bodoland

“How is a Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train joining India!”

Demanded to know Khargo Bahadur Setry, Bodo leader from Assam. He added, “If you had connected Delhi to Tripura, then yes, it would be connecting India, but how is this short stretch representing India?”

(Khargo Bahadur Setry)

It is …

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Amayra Badoni


Jessy Chandra

We need more people like you 

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 14 Nov, 2018)


“Where is the Money?”

That is the rallying cry of band of men, who have been holding protests and demonstrations for the past four years in many parts of north India to seek answers, and get their money back.

protest-lane-letsdiskuss (Supporter)

Each of them had invested in PACL (Pearls Agrotech Corp Ltd) started in …

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Ambrish Singh

good work

Jessy Chandra

Each and every blog of yours is outsanding  

Medha singh kapoor


Medha singh kapoor

Really amazing 

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Posted 09 Nov, 2018)

Lok Raj Sangathan

“1984 Sikh Genocide Normalised State Violence”

This is what members of Lok Raj Sangathan asserted at their annual demonstration at Jantar Mantar on the 1st of November this year too. The organisation registered in 1998 is “a political organisation not a political party”, pointedly …

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Medha singh kapoor

I read the first one and this one is more amazing.

Vansh Chopra

Such a brilliant blog

Posted By: Nirupama Sekhri (Updated 06 Nov, 2018)

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan

“One BSF jawan commits suicide every week!”

So claims Navratan Choudhury, who put in four years of service in the BSF (Border Security Force) in a clerical position between 2012 – 2017.

He goes on to say – “It is unemployed people who commit suicide or people who don’t enjoy job …

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Vansh Chopra

Jai jawaan, Jai kisan 

मयंक मानिक

Ryt ?

Ambrish Singh

Yes, you are right. a big salute from  my side to all INDIAN Farmers and Army Persons - Jai Hind ?  

Sumil Yadav

Jai jawan, jai kisan ?

Medha singh kapoor

Government should understand their problems. I wish them all the luck.