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Problems Faced by Students During Exams

Exam time is a horrible time for most of us Right from mood swings to the fluctuations in diet we experience a lot in these days There are some problems however which are common with all of us and as they say a common problem is no problem.

Meetali Asiwal

@ Thinker | Posted 14 Mar, 2019 | Education

Posted By: Meetali Asiwal (Posted 14 Mar, 2019)

Common Problems Faced by Students During Exams

For most of the students, exam time is going on, and it is the most nightmarish time of their lives. Stress, anxiety, tension, insomnia, and whatnot become regular companions of students in the exam days and endless chats, movies, hangouts, etc., seem to be a thing of distant past.

Also, I feel …

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mewat college

very nice

alex corbett

Al Manzil Yes you are right I am also very stressed in my exam but this post is helpful for the students in their exam thanks for the sharing.

edmund lois