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Common Problems Faced by Students During Exams


For most of the students, exam time is going on, and it is the most nightmarish time of their lives. Stress, anxiety, tension, insomnia, and whatnot become regular companions of students on exam days, and endless chats, movies, hangouts, etc., seem to be a thing of the distant past.

Also, I feel bad for all you students that you can’t go and watch Captain Marvel!

Exams days, however, are filled with much more serious issues than missing out on Captain Marvel or a friend’s birthday.

Common Problems Faced by Students During Exams

Listed below are some of the most common problems faced by students during exams.

• Attendance and Admit Card issues

What a pain these two things become! It’s when your exams are near that you realize how bad the idea of bunking the classes was. You now have to attend classes and maintain attendance but staying at home and studying is equally necessary.

Also, there is that one day when you are called to your institution just to collect a piece of paper commonly referred to as Admit Card. The whole concept of traveling all the way from home and standing in long lines for hours seems so absurd, especially when you have a whole lot of syllabus to study!

That too in this technological era.

• Group Studies

Let me say it for you, group studies are a myth. Yes, if you think you would study better with your friends then please know that you would end up just wasting your time and studying nothing. Some would comfort you by telling they are even behind you with the syllabus and others would just distract you.

with the syllabus and others would just distract you.

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• Sleep

Sleep becomes the worst enemy during exam time. All you can think of is sleep and yet it is an unachievable treasure, just like your syllabus.

Either the above-mentioned would happen, or the entire opposite –you would end up falling asleep every time you open your textbooks. One thing is clear –in the battle of syllabus and sleep, only one can win.

• The disproportionality between the course and the days left in the exam

You would start by thinking of doing a chapter per day and land on the thoughts of one book per day. The days pass by and the amount of syllabus to be done remains constant until the last day, disrupting all your equations.

• Distractions

YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Television, Netflix, Amazon Prime, everything would be there to lure you and win you over. They would take the form of a temptress, and make sure you can’t study in peace.


• Inappropriate Diet

Your hunger and your diet keep fluctuating. Sometimes you are so stressed that you skip out on all your meals. Sometimes you are even more stressed and end up eating whatever is there in your refrigerator.

Sometimes you are alive only on coffee and sometimes you are forced to live only on fruits and dry fruits on the demands of your mother.

And of course, midnight Maggi rendezvous.

This kind of irregular eating pattern affects your body and mind during exam days.

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• Peer Pressure

If there are friends who comfort you by telling how far behind they are you, there are many others whose feats are enough to give you stress.

In addition, there are parents and relatives who keep pressurizing and fearing the students in the name of their future and career. This results in many serious outcomes.

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• Procrastination

We all become the cousins of Hamlet during exam days, procrastinating as much as we can. Procrastination, by the way, is something that we practice the whole year, it’s just that it gets accelerated during the days of examination.