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Vijay Singh

Health and Fitness Adviser | Posted 13 Jun, 2019 |

Do I need to wash hair with shampoo before applying henna?

Caran Winston

Blogger, journalist | Posted 11 Sep, 2019

Henna dye is great! I'm using it for years since my hair turned gray and that was a long time ago. Henna powder is 100% natural and that's what I like about it. And yes, it's recommended to apply shampoo before coloring, though some hairstylists may say it doesn't matter. Though afterward it could be easily washed out with it. By the way, Monica Davis suggests mixing henna powder with lemon juice if you're trying to cover grey hair.


Posted 17 Jun, 2019

henna buildup just by shampooing your hair. Henna glue is made out of henna powder, and if any of it is left in your hair for long, it will dry to the point that when you brush your hair, it will put on a show of being powder and spread all over your garments. Plus, henna glue truly sticks to the hair once dry. It's difficult to evacuate with simply water since it winds up obstinate. It will leave a slight stickiness on your hair in the event that you evacuate it with just a great deal of water and no cleanser.