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Ram Krishna

Student | Posted 28 Sep, 2020 |

Do people lose hearing as they age?

Jacey Tome

student | Posted 24 Feb, 2021

yes its true..

talha axhar

SEO expert | Posted 05 Oct, 2020

Ya for sure because my grand father also having hearing problem solely due to age factor because there is never any kind of problem with their ears and yet he does not listen so well. 

Thanks and have a nice day.

Ankit Singh

Blogger | Posted 03 Oct, 2020

Yes, it may happen. But it does not matter that it will happen with all. One can easily manage these all things

Naheed Mir

Owner & CEO | Posted 02 Oct, 2020

Yes, age is also a factor for having a hearing loss.

Presbycusis is the lack of hearing that slowly occurs as we grow older. Most generally, it is caused by variations in the inner ear that occur as you grow older. It occurs in both ears, affecting them equally