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Following supreme court’s Aadhaar verdict, what documents do we need to open bank accounts and phone connections?


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It was a very crucial decision by the Supreme Court to protect the general privacy of every Indian. The five-judge bench, in a way, drew a line on the sand, as to what the government can impose and what it cannot when it matters the privacy of its citizens. And this is massive; just ask people in China who, in a much authoritarian state, has to go through mass surveillance every day.

So, the latest Aadhaar verdict will be remembered for years to come as a moment when the highest court of the country stood and miffed the government.  

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Now coming to the details of the Aadhaar verdict, the judges have said that Aadhaar card is NOT mandatory to open bank accounts and get a phone connection. No private institute, including schools and colleges, can ask for Aadhaar from the consumer. Also, educational bodies like CBSE and UGC cannot make Aadhaar compulsory.  

However, the court has maintained that the Aadhaar number is binding for filing the income tax returns and allotment of PAN card.  

Noteworthy is, when PAN is linked to your Aadhaar card, and given you’re required to give PAN number when opening the bank account, banks would virtually have access to your Aadhaar number. It’s a loophole that needs to be fixed. 

Now following the Aadhaar verdict, the question that many are left asking is what documents will now actually work when opening a bank account and getting a phone connection. 

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The list of documents for KYC is quite wide and flexible in India. Earlier, your Aadhar was asked compulsorily as a “proof of identity”. Now made NOT mandatory, you can use various of your documents for identity verification purpose in the bank and when dealing with telecom companies.  

List for Proof of Identity includes: Aadhar (optional, not mandatory), passport, Voter ID card, ration card, PAN card, driving license card, and more.  

Similarly, you can use any of many documents for “proof of address” verification. It includes: Aadhaar card (optional, not mandatory), passport, Voter ID card, arms license, driving license, lease agreement, latest electricity bill, latest water bill,income tax assessment order, and more.  

Here, check out the full list documents that you can use as “proof of identity” and “proof of address”- 

The banker or retailer will usually tell you about the documents you are needed to submit. Listen to all the options and don’t entertain if anyone asks for your Aadhaar card number as compulsory. 


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