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@students | Posted | Science-Technology

How can break PST files into small parts ?


@student | Posted


The Best way to break PST files into small parts is by using an automated tool. Today, I am prescribing Outlook PST Splitter from a trusted brand i.e. Mailconvertertools. It breaks the PST files into multiple files and reduces the size of PST. Also, you can break Outlook email items like calendars, contacts, notes, journals, etc using this exceptional tool. 


Some Advance Features Offers by this tool are listed below:

  • You can encrypt the resultant PST files with a password.
  • Multiple options like break files by size, folder, date & ID are offered.
  • It overcomes all the problems that occur by a large PST file.
  • Both ANSI and UNICODE PST file type is supported by this tool.

You can check out the tool and break your large size PST file without any difficulty.

Thanks & Regards.


blogger | Posted


We can break PST files into small size by to methods manual and automated method. Manual has a number of steps, time-consuming, sometimes data loss issue is also faced. So I think the automated method is the best approach to split the PST file. One such tool is the PST splitter of Aryson technologies. This tool can split up single as well as multiple PST files based on different criteria as date, size, also by the sender's email.


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