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How can IVR service providers help you with missed call marketing?


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Over the years, missed calls have been considered a legitimate means of communication. ‘Giving a missed call’ is a norm used to convey messages to people—like if you wished to inform someone that you’ve reached home at a late hour. But, who knew that such a simple concept could significantly increase your business productivity?  

Missed call marketing is a concept that businesses employ to efficiently interact with their customers. It is a great way of getting to know your target audience and their preferences. The client can be assured they will receive a callback from your company. Moreover, this method verifies the existing number as a potential lead. 

Businesses, however, do not opt for missed call services in isolation. They often go for a complete cloud telephony solution, especially if the provider is known for their IVR service. Long story short: A missed call service plus an efficient IVR equals everything you need for effective missed call marketing. 

IVR is an automated technology that answers incoming calls with pre-recorded messages. With a variable menu option and intelligent routing system, it is the perfect communication solution for businesses. 

Here are the benefits of integrating missed call marketing with IVR service:

1. Lead generation via IVR callback

When the customer calls the company’s number, the line automatically disconnects after one or two rings. Instantly, the caller receives an IVR callback with a recording that lists the company’s products and services. There should be a ‘dial X to connect to an agent’ option as well, or else, it may become a missed opportunity to gain a potential lead. 

2. Run multiple campaigns 

You can launch several missed call campaigns simultaneously with help from an IVR, leading to higher lead generation. As for every missed call campaign you are required to give a callback, it makes sense to have an automated IVR do the needful. That will help you handle high volumes, track analytics efficiently, and generate a lot of relevant feedback.

3. Track ROI with unlimited channels

You can assign specific numbers to individual channels (SMS, emails, calls) to track and compare the generated leads. This helps in gauging the most productive channel among all. With automated IVRs running for every channel, the process is pretty much automated. You’re also able to retain channel flow if the missed call traffic increases. Declutter the phone line to avoid missing any calls.
4. Call at no costs 

Customers can call the company without hesitation since it doesn’t cost them a single penny! Along with being cost-effective, these services allow you to reach a wider client-base—you can target do-not-disturb numbers too by encouraging them to opt for missed calls.  

That’s not all. Using IVR, you can play an automated customised message for the callers when they’re about to disconnect. This allows you to leave a more pleasant and lasting impression on them.

Missed call services have simplified the workload for business and helped in generating potential leads. This multi-purpose solution integrated with IVR can boost your business sales at an affordable cost! 

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