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How can one increase their reach on Facebook?


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Not going to lie, in 2019, this is difficult.

But then it has been quite a while since organic reach on Facebook died.

If you’re trying to grow your business on Facebook, there are three things you can (and should) do to increase your reach…


Invest in Paid ads. Now, this year, admittedly, the cost of Facebook ads has increased. However, it still remains highly effective with lucrative ROI. If you can come up with a good campaign, you’re almost assured of great returns.

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In short, pay and boost your Facebook posts. This will increase your reach.

(Again, if you own a business and don’t already do this, you’re making a big mistake. Facebook ads is one of the best ad programs out there even in 2019. A small bit of efforts and investment can yield big returns.)


The second way to increase organic reach on Facebook is slow and laborious. But if you do this consistently, it promises you desired and lasting results.

I am assuming you have a Facebook business page already. Simply ‘Like’ different pages from your business page. And then go leave relevant and thoughtful comments of the posts of these liked pages as your business Page.


If the audience would find your comment helpful/interesting, they would come to your page and hopefully hit that Like/follow button.

Now note, this would only work when you’re consistent. Spend a couple of hours doing this every day. Leave 30-50 relevant comments on different pages. It will very certainly increase your brand traction.

And when you have more likes on the page, the reach of each post would automatically be higher comparatively.


The third way to increase organic reach on Facebook will work only if you get comments in your posts.

If people comment on your posts, simply respond to them.

Facebook bots reward posts and pages whose engagement rate is high. When they see people engaging with a post, they assume that it must be very helpful. So, they start pushing that post higher on others’ feeds.

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So, the key is to increase the engagement rate of your page. The more the engagement, the higher will be the reach.

In the context of engagement, you must also push posts that trigger people to engage with. Like, ask them question; request them to leave comments; challenge them to like the post. Get creative and just work to improve your engagement.

These are three ways to increase reach on Facebook.

Do all three of them together for maximum rewards. Get the ball rolling. And once it is rolling, regularly posts updates, actively community manage and just strive to deliver high value to the audience.

To end this, here are three key things you should focus on:

• Posting regularly 

• Talking to people
• Driving engagement

Hope this answer helps.


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