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Aha Milon

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How customer friendly is Amazon India-s customer service?


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Once upon a time Amazon was known for book stores only. But now It is like brand name for ecommerce sites. Just like we say 'Google it' for search, we can say 'Amazon it' for online purchases.

It is so easy to do shopping in Amazon. You can select products, comparing prices, ordering from our drawing room or from any other place in the world in Amazon.

And its customer service and customer care people are so nice and helping. They will listen to you when you complain about their products. It is very easy to return the products in Amazon, which are damaged or mismatched our order than in bricks stores.

Customer care people at Amazon will guide you patiently about course of action you have to do while returning of non receipt of packages or delay in delivery.

If you have any problem in using the Amazon App also the customer care people will help you in resolving those problems.

Even after delivery also, the customer care of Amazon will send software engineers or the person who can fix your problems manually to your house.

You can contact their social media accounts in Twitter or Facebook for immediate response.



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