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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted 21 Jun, 2019 |

How did Modi formed a positive image for India worldwide?

Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted 21 Jun, 2019

In his first tenure as Prime Minister, if Modi had done something successfully, it is the tour of various foreign lands. It was believed that Modi’s foreign tours will bring investment and development in the country. There are many countries which he visited as the Prime Minister of India. And it is obvious that if other nation’s Prime Minister visits a country as a guest, the citizens develop an interest about that nation.

modi's-foreign-tours-letsdiskuss.jpg (Courtesy: The Hindu)

PM Modi even took advantage of the meetings with the nations like Mongolia, Kazakistan, South Africa, and other small countries. Now what exactly are these advantages are not known at least to the common man. But one thing that is clear is that India’s relations with several such countries have certainly bettered up.

In every nation that he went, he talked about the developmental changes that India has experienced in the recent years and told how exactly modern India is like. People were certainly impressed by Modi’s spectacular narratives of modern India, and that’s why these nations are good with India. There are however, many such nations which were good friends of India before but are not that friendly with us now. Some of them are Myanmar, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. But the close friendship that Modi managed to establish with other nations has put up quite a positive image of India on the international platform.