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leena legants

Blogger | Posted 16 Nov, 2018 |

How do I apply online for an instant personal loan?

Stephannie Baker

@Stephannie | Posted 01 Aug, 2019

So some months back, I was looking out for instant personal loan as well. I approached several banks but the procedure was lengthy. I had some urgency and required the loan instantly. While going through some online forums, I found someone recommending a website called Upwards. This platform gives instant loans without a lot of delay and approves your application in 24-hours. Obviously I wasn’t sure what to do. I checked out their website and looked up for reviews online. They seemed legit but this was about money so I didn’t want my desperation to get me stuck in some fraud. Just as I was setting out to get a loan from a local institute, I came to know about Upwards from a friend. He had got to know that I was looking for places that could grant me an instant personal loan. It was a crazy coincidence but he assured me that he had taken one from there as well and the platform was pretty legit. I trusted my friend, hence, I went ahead and applied online. My application was approved within 24 hours and the tenure for paying was flexible. The papers and everything was official and the experience was great. I have been paying my EMIs on a timely basis and it’s been great. If you want to check out their website, click here. Go ahead with the process if their ideas suit yours.

james peter

Employee | |Updated 31 Oct, 2019

Hi, Getting a personal loan is easy if you have a good credit score for an immediate financial crisis. These loans are unsecured and no need for any collateral or guarantor. It all depends upon earning whether you are salaried or self-employed. 

Look for the best financial adviser online who can offer you a low-interest rate personal loans and get the quote first and research the company profile whether it is regulated or not then proceed to the hassle-free application process.

lets user

blogger | Posted 24 Jul, 2019

A personal loan is nothing but an unsecured personal loan and they don't want asset for this loan. A personal loan is an amount of money you can borrow to pay for large expenses upfront. 

You can apply through online or through direct lenders or else you get the quotes.

Loan Qubes

@manager | Posted 12 Jul, 2019

Are you looking for Personal loan for meeting personal needs? Are you a self-employed or a salaried individual trying to accomplish your dreams? Searching out for the best Personal Loan for Medical emergency, wedding purpose, abroad travel, holidays, child education or for something to buy like consumer durable things. Then you are on the right track where your search for the Personal Loan ends.

Simple you can find and after that fill now personal Loan application form online,

Instant Loan approval, no processing fee and free consulting. Read more to know more about Personal Loans.

loan adda

Blogger | Posted 04 May, 2019

Simple you can find and after that fill now personal  Loan application  form online ,

Instatnt Loan approval,no processing fee,and free consulting


Posted 25 Mar, 2019

I have need urgent 2 to 3 lakh personal loan. My in hand salary 23000/- and gross salary 28000/-, But I have not provided any bank loan. If any reference to call me 9671858189. 

Sumit Dahiya

Manager - Digital Marketing | Posted 25 Mar, 2019

An individual can apply for a Personal Loan with a traditional lender like Banks or any other Financial firm which provides loans. You must have the following documents to apply for a loan

 Passport Size Photograph   

 Identity Proof - (Aadhar, PAN, Passport, DL or Voter ID)
 Residence Proof - (Electricity Bill, Mobile Bill, Water Bill)

And some financial documents such as

  Latest 3 months bank statement of your salary account
  Last 3 months salary slips

Avichal Singh

Project Manager at The Economic Times | Posted 21 Nov, 2018

I believe this is the easiest thing you can do online today. You don’t event need to approach any bank of its websites these days. Simply write “personal loan” on google, you will be served with 100s of sources where you can apply for personal loan. Here’s a screenshot of my google search.

Moreover, you may log in to any loan aggrators’ websites like PaisaBazar, BanBazaar, Apnaloan etc. These websites will make you fill in a couple of details about your and your requirements. From there, you will be able to compare options of sources where you can get loan you desite. Proceed with what you wish is best option for you. From next day you will be bombard with emails, phone calls and SMSes about best personal loan options.

Also read my other articles on getting loans if your credit score is not up to the mark.