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How effective is vastu shastra?


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We all want to live a happy and peaceful life ever after. For that, we have to be aware of certain important factors. One such important factor that plays a vital role in our life is Vastu Shastra. Do not think that Vastu shastra has nothing to do with science? Well, it has a close connection with science. There is nothing magical in it.

You must have heard many things about Vastu Shastra in Astrology. When we speak/discuss astrology, we often use the words ‘Astrological science’. It proves that astrology is also supported by science. There are several parts of astrology and likewise, Vastu Shastra is a study that comes under astrology.

Now let us discuss in detail What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra, a thorough study of your house/home is the discovery of India. It is a science not evolved today but many years before. If you built your house or made some changes in your home following the scientific rules, you can live with your loved ones happily ever after. Even you will be able to attract prosperity with the help of Vastu Shastra.

We earn money to live a healthy life. But even after earning so much money, we are unable to lead a happy and healthy life. Because we may not notice but some minor or major problems in Vastu may create health issues. We often hear words like ‘shubh’, ‘ashubh’. These words are often used by astrologers and our elders to signify positive and negative impacts. In Vastu Shastra, these words are also used to indicate positive, negative sides, and positive or negative consequences.

It concludes that is a way to lead a perfect life from every aspect if the shastra can be thoroughly studied and implemented.

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How to do things according to Vastu?

Well, Vastu is a wide subject. Here some very important tips are given according to the rule of Vastu to live life with perfection:

1.According to Vastu, you must always keep your clock work in the usual manner. Do not allow the clock to slow down. Or throw the non-functional clock out of your house. The Northwest direction is perfect to place the wall clock. If not possible, try to keep it on the north side to attract money and fame.

2. Never allow broken furniture like the watch, mirror, electronic gadgets, etc to remain in your house. Instead, if you place a mirror in the place where the cash is kept, it may create positive energy in your house. It even helps you to become wealthy faster and easier.

3.Purple is a very shubh color according to Vastu. So try to maximize the use of this color in the house. Maybe in the form of Purple orchids or flower vases, etc. Purple signifies money.

4.If you want to attract good luck, remodel your house with paintings like flying birds or waterfall paintings.

5.You are earning money but not able to save? Then place a wind chime at the place from where you enter the bathroom. Or just hang it at the home entrance to attract wealth. But avoid keeping it just above your head. It may make a huge loss of money and welcomes negativity into your house.

There are endless tips of Vastu Shastra. Just identify your problem and find a solution accordingly. You can even consult with an astrologer regarding the same.

Is Vastu Shastra effective? This is a common question that arises to those minds who are unaware of the unlimited benefits or solutions of Vastu shastra.

In the life of a human being, money, peace, love, good luck, positivity, employment, and most importantly health is very crucial. All these are somehow related to our house. After all, after so much stress we return home to have peace. But bad Vastu will not allow you to enjoy that peace somehow. This is where the rules of Vastu Shastra are effective to correct your Vastu. Vastu Shastra is also effective in rectifying bad omen.

So it concludes that Vastu Shastra is nothing but a traditional science. So you will always be benefitted in all aspects of life if the principle of this science can be followed properly.


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