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rohit singh

student | Posted 22 Oct, 2018 |

How exactly does the Hubble telescope work?

Kirati Kreations

Business Head at Kirati Kreations | Posted 28 Nov, 2018

Many young people have a wish to become an astronaut or a space engineer or scientist. Indeed. One must have a bigger dream just like a sky. But to pursue the dream, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge about the astronaut engineering or space studies. Telescope in an element used extensively & we will look how Hubble telescope works for observing the components in the space.

In the year 1946, a prominent astrophysicist Dr. Lyman Spitzer Jr. proposed that a telescope would reveal very clear images of the distant objects in space. Ground-based observing gadgets are usually located in the higher areas with minimum light so the Hubble Telescope is used. The Hubble Space Telescope is one of the largest telescopes in space. The NASA launched Hubble in the year 1990. Hubble has a very long width just as a school bus. The weight of the telescope is equal to 2 adult elephants. This telescope travels around the Earth at approximately 5 miles per second. That is as fast as driving a car from the East Coastal to the West Coastal of the country. 

Hubble faces toward space & the telescope takes pictures of planets, stars, satellites, and galaxies. Hubble has seen stars movements. It has seen galaxies that are many miles away from the planet Earth.