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Naresh Dhewa

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How good is IT at NIT Kurukshetra for BTech?


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NIT is one of the bigger names in Indian Engineering Colleges. It is the second best line of engineering colleges in India after popular and esteemed IITs. NIT, or National Institute of Technology is rather tough to enter and one of the best NIT in India is NiT Kurukshetra itself.

NIT Kurukshetra is one of the largest college in the state of Haryana, both in the size as well as capacity. Not only that, it is one of the most gender equivalent college of India too.

Coming to your question, these are some points that may help you choose the this college yourself:

1.IT or Information Technology is a branch if Computer Science, but here in Kurukshetra University, it is literally Computer Science. NIT Kurukshetra faculty of IT is actually the faculty of CSE itself.

2.The placements of NIT Kurukshetra IT branch is great both in terms of package and percentage.

3.IT branch in this college is also gets admissions from a large number of girl students. This is also a positive factor for safety and security purposes.

4.Having same faculty as CSE also grant IT students more competitive knowledge, almost same as of CSE students.

So if you are looking for all these points and that too in a lower JEE marks than other branches then NIT Kurukshetra, Information Technology Course is handmade for you.


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IT is a very good branch in our college.

Placements are very good with an average package of 8 lacs and highest 24 lacs(on campus).

You can bag more than 10 lacs if u r a good coder.

Coding culture is very good in NIT kurukshetra. Students are cracking Google offline test every year.

One drawback is that Faculty is not good. Faculty ratio is less and contract based teachers are more in the department.


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