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How is keeping basil leaf in wallet beneficial?


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Basil leaf is found in every Hindu household and is worshipped by every Hindu believer. According to Hinduism, basil or tulsi is an important plant, without which any prayer is incomplete.

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Benefits of keeping tulsi around:

• If you keep a basil leaf always in your purse or wallet, you will never fall short of money.

• If we sprinkle basil water (Tulsi jal) at the door of our office or workplace, we are likely to make profits.

• Keeping a basil plant at home helps get rid of household and other problems.

• Never feed god without keeping a basil leaf in the bhog.

Who is Goddess Tulsi?

The human manifestation of goddess Tulsi is called Vrinda. Vrinda belonged to the family of demons but was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. She was married to Jalandhar, who was born during the churning of the ocean by demons and gods.


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