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How many children did Lord Shiva have?


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lord Shiva has 7 youngsters -


He was the oldest child of Shiva and Parvati. He was brought into the world with the association of their infinite energies, to execute Tarkasura, which he satisfied. He was selected as God Of War. He was hitched to Indra (or Brahma's) girl Devasena, and Valli.


 Ganesha -

Ruler Ganesha was made by Goddess Parvati herself, from the mud of Kailash. After he was executed by his own dad Shiva, he was given the head of elephant. He turned into the God Of Wisdom and Knowledge. He was hitched to Siddhi and Riddhi. His children were Shubha, and Labha.

Andhaka -

Andhaka was brought into the world through Shiva and Parvati's perspiration. He was surrendered to reception to Hiranyaksha. Andhaka yearned on Parvati and confronted Shiva, getting executed by him, and Parvati likewise (in Mahakali structure). Afterward, Andhaka's child Adi likewise gets comparable treatment, and Andhaka's other child Bakasur was executed by Krishna.

Ayyappa -

A demoness Mahishi had the help that she must be executed by a posterity of Shiva and Vishnu. Thus, Vishnu appeared as Mohini and joined with Shiva, bringing about the introduction of Ayyappa, who was received by Southern ruler Pandalam. Ayyappa later executed Mahishi, and has stayed a deep rooted chaste till date.

Ashokasundari -

Ashokasundari was conceived from the Kalpavruksha, when Parvati wanted for her, and envisioned her height. Ashokasundari was before long hitched to Chandravanshi ruler Nahusha, and their child was Yayati, the begetter of different families.


Manasa, the Naga goddess, was the girl of Shiva according to Shiva Purana. She was conceived from the seed of Shiva. Manasa's child Astika was the person who asked to stop Janamejaya's Sarpa Satra.


Jalandhar was the child of Shiva conceived when the energy of Shiva's third eye joined with the sea. Jalandhar was powerful as when he attacked Kailash, he crushed everybody including Indra, Nandi, Kartikeya, Ganesha and so on In any case, he was later executed by Shiva after Vrinda immolated herself.


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