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How many dead bodies are in space?


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As of now, there are no dead bodies in space in the traditional sense. Human remains are treated with utmost respect and dignity, and there is no practice of leaving deceased astronauts or individuals in open space.


However, there is an exceptional case related to space exploration. The ashes of Dr. Eugene Shoemaker, a renowned planetary scientist, were included in NASA's Lunar Prospector mission launched in 1998. After the spacecraft orbited the Moon, it impacted the lunar surface, effectively transporting a portion of Shoemaker's ashes to space.


In general, space agencies and organizations adhere to strict ethical and practical guidelines concerning the treatment of human remains. Deceased astronauts are typically returned to Earth, and the idea of leaving bodies in space is neither a current practice nor an accepted norm in the field of space exploration.


The focus remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of astronauts during space missions, and the ethical considerations surrounding the treatment of human remains reflect the respect and professionalism inherent in space exploration endeavors.






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