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Posted 24 Jun, 2020 |

How many mega pixel does a human eye contains?

Aditi Sharma

Student | Posted 25 Jun, 2020

Eyes are most sensitive and important part of our body.The eyes is not a single frame snapshot camera it is more like a video stream. According to scientist,resolution of human eye is 576 megapixel. However we see in 576 megapixel definition when our eyes continuously moving but although at a single snapshot length glance would only be about 5 to 15 megapixel. 

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Our eyes naturally have many flaws  that digital screen or even camera wouldn't be acceptable.

It was being discovered by scientist and photographer Dr. Roger Clark.

Human eye can only see high resolution in a very small area in centre of our vision which is known as fovea.

Human eye resolution is far better, which means that in order to create a screen with the picture itself which is so sharp as well as clear that you can't distinguish individual pixels, you would have to pack 576 million pixels into an area the size of your field of view.

we also have a blind spot where the optic nerve meets up with the retina. Just move your eyes around a scene not only to take in more and more information but also to correct for these imperfections in your own visual system.

we also have two eyes and our brains combine signal to increase resolution further.

Our eyes are more like a detective, collecting clues from the surrounding environment then taking them back to brain which is our memory Bank to put the pieces together and enrolls a complete picture.

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