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Ayorima Mitra

@letsuser | Posted on | Science-Technology

How many posts one should do in business blogs per week?


SEO Analyst | Posted on


One of the biggest questions that bloggers face is how often they should blog. For personal bloggers, the answer is simple; whenever you want you can blog. But for business bloggers who use blogging as a way to drive traffic, sales and for building awareness, blogging strategy is far more important. 

As business bloggers face many restrictions that personal bloggers don’t have to worry with. Probably the two biggest restrictions are a lack of time, and oversight from bosses and have to work as per content strategies.

As we know that publishing more content is better than publishing less. If your blog is itself a business, meaning you will be selling advertising and sponsorship on it, then you need an aggressive posting schedule as one new post on daily basis. At least. The idea is that your advertising and sponsorship rates are to be set in your blog to attract more traffic, that’s why you need to post more often in order to raise traffic levels.

But most of the businesses attempt to make their blogs as a way to generate new customers or clients. So, for such type of these businesses, a much less ‘ambitious’ posting schedule is considered as more effective.

If your business blog want to create more awareness and generate leads, then ideally one post daily is enough like Monday to Friday. In addition, one of the blog posts, likely in the middle of the week, should be much longer and in-depth post on a topic that’s core and valuable to your business.

So in the current technological world where you want to blog once a day in the week, with four shorter posts, and one longer, more in-depth post is a much effective way to achieve desired goals.


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