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Prashant Dubey

Mechanical engineer | Posted on | Science-Technology

How many type of documentation done before development and explain it?


Business Head at Kirati Kreations | Posted on

Whenever one needs to develop a software, there are certain rules, process & procedures to be followed. Certain documents are necessary for following these procedures. So, these documents are extremely important to develop these procedures.


1. URS (User Requirements Specification): The URS procedure defines all the requirements of software development.
2. UI: Certain pages of the software are designed as well as developed. This also includes error messages occurred in the software or pop up messages in the software & many more.
3. SRS (System Requirements Specification): The SRS procedure defines system requirements that are depended on the User Requirements & specifications.
4. STC (System Test Cases): When the software is totally developed, the very next step involves is testing the software developed.
5. UAT (User Acceptance Testing): After all system tests are carried out successfully, user acceptance testing is then conducted to check whether all points mentioned in the URS are covered & made as per expectation.
   6. DTL (Defect Track Log): All the defects & errors are recorded during user acceptance testing as well as system test cases so that they can be solved as soon as possible.
After all problems & errors are fixed second cycle of system test cause as well as user acceptance testing is conducted to check if everything is solved now to fulfill the customer needs. And finally, the software is ready to use. One can smoothly run the software.


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