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Kamlesh Joshi

network engineer and ethical hacker | Posted on | Science-Technology

How many type of firewall in networking??


Student | Posted on

There are five different types of firewall architectures, broadly speaking:

  • Packet-filtering firewalls
  • Stateful inspection firewalls
  • Circuit-level gateways
  • Application-level gateways (a.k.a. proxy firewalls)
  • Next-gen firewalls


Blogger | Posted on

Network Firewall is first line of defense to secure network.

Firewall based on Filtering Type
Packet Filtering: As the name suggest, user can either allow or drop packets based on source and destination IP, IP protocol ID etc. from entering in internal network. This type of filtering works at network transport layer.

Proxy: It offers more security then other types of filtering. In proxy filtering, client make connection with proxy, instead of target system, and initiate a new connection. This makes harder for attacker to discover about the network, as they are not getting response from target system.


Blogger | Posted on

There are three essential kinds of firewalls that are utilized by organizations to ensure their information and gadgets to keep dangerous components out of system, viz. Parcel Filters, Stateful Inspection and Proxy Server Firewalls. Let us give you a short presentation about each of these.


Blog Strategist | Posted on

Encryption is one of the top priorities for everyone who is accessing the internet today, be it a personal user or the professional company. Everyone wants to successfully sace their personal data from various kinds of problems online, which ranges from normal to very serious.

And whenever we talk about encryption and security, the most important phenomenon that comes to our mind in the Firewall itself. So, in this answer we are going to get informed about what firewall is and why it is so necessary to know about types of firewall.

A firewall, as the name already suggest, is a wall between a system and network, which helps the system to stay protected from various kinds of attacks, spams, malwares and what not.

Different types of firewalls according to their functionality are:

Circuit-level gateways

Next-generation firewalls


Proxy gateway

Stateful inspection

All these firewalls are used in their respective manners and industries, as per the requirements of data as well as the network. 

If you are beginner in the field of networking then your should start by knowing how a firewall works inside the system. And then you must choose which type of firewall is most suitable as per your requirements. 

If you have any other question, we are here to help you anytime. 



Marketing Consultant | Posted on

There are eight types of firewalls:

Packet-filtering firewalls.

Circuit-level gateways.

Stateful inspection firewalls.

Application-level gateways (a.k.a. proxy firewalls)

Next-gen firewalls.

Software firewalls.

Hardware firewalls.

Cloud firewalls.


Digital Marketing Executive | Posted on

Different types of firewalls are proxy firewalls, Circuit-level gateways, Packet-filtering firewalls, Stateful inspection firewalls, Next-gen firewalls, Software firewalls,


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