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How much do you need to know for web development?


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Although the term web development has a very vast scope indeed. But for the sake of this answer, i will try to talk about general website development and maintanance only. Also note that these are my own opinions and many people may not agree with the same as their own experience may differ from mine. So, let's diskuss...

To call yourself a web developer, you must have some basic knowledge in the following areas. All these areas are important for beginners to understand and practice enough as they are the basic requirements for starting web development:

1. Design and develop outer shell of a website or web app.

2.Write codes in HTML as well as CSS from the scratch.

3. Take a Graphic Resource (like Image and layouts) and turn it into a working website

Create interactive as well as dynamic websites with JavaScript.

4. Could easily create basic applications in object-oriented programming languages like Python, PHP, Perl or Ruby.

5. Can work in version control and testing platforms like GIT.

6. Create domain’s DNS settings and manage it.

7. Deploy and maintain a website successfully.

If you could please easily perform all these task without any help, then you are good to go. Happy Development...


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  Must have coding knowledge: Two components HTML and CSS are the building blocks of all web development, so it’s important for a web developer to know these technologies substantially. In order to be successful, it’s important to understand how these technologies work together: HTML sets the structure on the page while CSS change or modify the way it looks.

Make sure that when working with forms and inputs in HTML, for instance, I have to gather some reference to remind me of how each item is coded. It will be helpful to learn and create a webpage in HTML & CSS from memory.

· Beyond the Basics: HTML and CSS is the staple of web development. Every beginner starts with them, but they both are used differently with different methods. As I mentioned earlier, the only skills you need to know as a web developer are those that help you to meet the needs of your specific clients. But moreover, you need to consider what clients you want to work with and what websites or apps you want to build.

· Become a master researcher: one important skill for a web developer is to research and find the information about the language you’re coding in. you don’t need to memorize the language completely but you do need to know how to find the information. Often times, a well-phrased Google search can get you to your answer quicker than “paging” through a manual can. For instance, imagine you're customizing a Word Press theme and you want to place a widget on a part of the page that the theme has not been set up for. If you start by searching “add widgets” you'll find lots of resources about how to add widgets to a "vegetable” area.

After learning these coding languages try to implement them making new websites and add them to your portfolio because these skills will help you in getting the jobs in future development.


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