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Bella Xavier | Posted on | others

How should a man treat a woman out on a date?


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There are many men who don’t know how to treat women on a date, some of them do stupid things in nervousness, and some of them get over-excited to do something the women don’t like. By the way, it is a very toughest situation because every woman has different likes and dislikes; we can’t predict what she wants. So, in this article, we will discuss a few tips that will help you impress a woman on a date, and you will get the idea of how a man should treat a woman out on a date. So, let’s get started.


The dates are just like ordering a new dish at a restaurant, not knowing exactly how its tastes. In this condition, two things happen to you; you will like it, and you will never order the dish again. The same condition applies to the date. We never know the mood of the women; some are sweet, cute, and kind. On the other hand, some are possessive, aggressive, and full of tantrums. So, when you go date, you must prepare for all situations because we never know anything.


Here are a few Tips For Men’s

  • If you are going on a date the first time, try to maintain a just bit gap because no woman likes that a man comes closer on the first date. So, keep in mind just maintain a bit gap.


  • Just be normal with her, don’t get over-excited, and don’t ask something that creates an awkward moment. Like about her past with men. Just talk nicely and ask about her career and hobbies. 


  • The most important point is don’t get late. Women don’t like men who come late on the date. When you go late, it makes a bad impression, and some women think that A man can wait for the woman, but women can’t wait. If your girls have the same thought, you can’t be late.


  • If you want to impress her, you can plan a surprise for her. Women also love a surprise. If you don’t want to do something big and don’t have the budget. So, you can give her chocolates and a flower. Women get happy with small things also. She never cares about the price when you surprise her.


  • Besides the Surprise, women also love compliments. Openly compliment her. Try these lines like you are such a beautiful girl, and I love your smile.


  • Don’t forget the fun. Generally, men and women both like to have fun like chilling in restaurants and having a meal and get some fun like playing some games and going to a movie, anything you want to do.


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