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Kuldeep Giri

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How should we treat with america about s400?


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The tremendous S-400 Missile system is one of the most powerful surface to air defence system in the world. The S-400 Missile system has the target range of over 238 miles that is 400 Kilometres. The S-400 Missile has the capability of shooting down more than eighty targets simultaneously at the same time. Missile defence system is used to shield a country against the incoming Missiles. The countries like United States, Russia, India, France, Israel and China have the most developed missile systems.


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The S-400 Missile has the capability of taking down the enemies aircraft in the sky from the surface level. This kind of Missile will help to save any kind of country from the other incoming Missiles. India has recently signed a deal with Russia which is worth of Rs.40,000 Crores to buy five advanced S-400 Missiles. This is noted to be the largest defence deal ever made till date. The US has said that going ahead the deal with the Russia would attract some sanctions. Though India has signed a deal with Russia, it should be taken forward smoothly by without effecting the relationships with the other countries.


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