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How to deal with toxic parents?


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It is very unfortunate that your parents are very selfish or do not care for you. Well, these types of parents are referred to by the name 'Toxic parents'. They have a tendency of manipulating others for which the relationships become toxic. 


You must be worried or irritated with your toxic parent. Try to give the parenthood relationship a second chance. Yes, it is possible to remove the toxic relationship between you and your parents



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What is the dealing process with toxic parents?


1.Try avoiding their feelings


Your toxic parents may always try to manipulate your feelings or take the opportunity of your guilt feeling to channelize you in the way you want. But remember that you must not react to their feelings. Make them understand that you are not responsible for their feelings. 


Suppose your mother wants you to take care of her without caring for your work. You should not react to it positively, instead, you must ignore her giving some excuse.


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2.Better to stop changing them


If you find it difficult to change the characteristics of your toxic parents, start bringing changes in yourself. Because the ultimate motto is to lead a healthy and peaceful life. 


Suppose, your wish is to get support from your parents even when you score low in your studies. But they never do so. It is better to move on and try making efforts to score high.


3.Do not care for what they say hard to you


It is quite obvious that toxic parents will not let the opportunity go to hurt your feelings. But you should not take those words or actions into your hurt. 


Suppose your parents criticize you saying that you are their worst child. It may hurt you badly but you should try to control the feelings without bursting on them.


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4.Stop conveying everything to your toxic parents as they can take advantage of your weak points. 


For example, you have detached from your old friend. So no need to tell them about the same. Move on to find someone new.


These are the ways that may allow you to reduce the toxic characteristics of your parents. At Least these steps will not allow us to increase those characteristics. 


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