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krishna kishore

Digital Marketing Specialist | Posted on | Science-Technology

How to Developing An E-commerce Website?


Digital Marketing Specialist | Posted on

6 Steps to Building an eCommerce Website

Over the last few years, the eCommerce industry in India has seen exponential growth. It is expected to continue the same trend in the coming years. By 2020, it is expected to touch $80 billion. This makes all small business owners show interest in choosing an online platform for their business.

There are 6 major and important steps in developing an eCommerce website:

• Product/service identity: Hold the following points I mind when you are identifying products to sell.

o Go niche, where there’s sufficient demand

o Product pricing, low pricing makes it difficult for you to get returns. And also excessive-price items difficult to make people purchase

o Product availability and comfort. Chose the products which are not easily available. Usually, those kinds of products will promote fast online.

o Know your customer: It is important for any business to know who their target audience is so, that they can reach them in the best possible way. Check your competitor customers and evaluate them.

• Right eCommerce platform: It’s a software which helps you build your online store where you put your products for sale and where you customers buy. Choosing the proper eCommerce platform is crucial for any business and it is the first step in the eCommerce website development process. You chose among hosted and self-hosted platforms. There are many hosted platforms like Magneto, Woo Commerce, Shopify, and open cart, etc., nearly these platform have the essential features of an online business. Based on the requirement you can customize the platform capabilities.

• Right hosting platform: Choosing the proper hosting platform is crucial to any online business as it performs a crucial role in making your online store up and running without any interruption. A proper web hosting platform determines your website’s accessibility and overall performance. Some of the important parameters to consider when you chose a hosting platform.

o Security

o Uptime

o Speed

o Support

• Right design/development agency: The next important thing is to select the proper development partner. With the emerging online trend, we have a lot of options in choosing an agency. But, we need to look for the below aspects when you are chosen your e-commerce development company.

o After-sale support

o Location

o Design, development approach

o Scalability

• Testing phase: After development before it goes on air, it is very much important to do testing on different scenarios. Testing is generally done in various browsers, across platforms, and across devices. Testing includes usability, customer convenience, bugs, appearance and is to ensure a good shopping experience.

Some of the factor which needs to check at the time of testing – Website loading, compatibility, navigation, broken links, and security.

• Online marketing: After the site is ready, the subsequent immediate step is to do marketing and promotional activities. A well-planned promotional strategy that reaches out to the right audience at the right time and across the right channels will help to spread brand awareness and sale conversion. Some of the marketing methods used for an online business is as follows.

o Email marketing

o SEO – Search engine marketing

o SEM - Social media marketing

o Google AdWords (Pay per click)


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