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How to make delicious Gajar ka Halwa?


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Winters in India essentially mean the sweet aroma of Gajar ka Halwa coming from every other home. It is a way our moms and grannies shower us with love in winters. Now that the season is here, those living away from home, surely crave this delicacy the most of all dishes.


Here is an easy way to prepare Gajar ka Halwa.

While preparing the dessert, keep in mind that it is always cooked on a low flame so that it doesn’t burn. This may take more than usual time, but it is the only way of preparing Gajar ka Halwa.


• Carrots (peeled and grated): 1 kg
• Sugar: 250 grams
• Whole dry milk (Khoya): 250 grams
• Milk: 1 liter
• Desi Ghee: 1 tablespoon
• Cashew nuts (chopped): 10
• Almonds (chopped): 10
• Cardamom (peeled and crushed): 6


• Heat ghee in a pan and add grated carrots in it. Cook the carrots.

• Now and sugar and keep stirring till the color turns slightly different. Now add milk and stir.

• When the color of the halwa lightens, sprinkle cardamom and dry fruits on it.

• Add khoya and mix well.

• Serve hot.

Watch the video for better understanding: 


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