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Brijesh Mishra

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How to make Egg Bread Sandwich?


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

Egg Bread Sandwich can be your go-to snack as it is very easy to prepare.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Sainsbury's recipes)


Eggs: 2
• Bread slices: 4
• Onion (some finely chopped, and some cut in elongated pieces): 1
• Green chili (chopped): 1
• Green coriander leaves (chopped): 1 bowl
• Carrot (chopped): 1
• Tomato (chopped): 1
• Cucumber (sliced): 1
• Chaat Masala: ½ tablespoon
• Salt: According to taste
• Edible oil: As per requirement
• Tomato ketchup: As per requirement
• Butter: As per requirement


• Break the eggs in a container and mix chopped onion, tomato, carrot, green coriander, and green chilli.

• Add chat masala and salt, and beat the eggs thoroughly.

• Heat 2 tablespoons edible oil in a pan, and fry egg mixture-dipped bread slices in it, from both the sides.

• When the slices are fried, spread butter on it.

• Take one of them and spread the slices of onion and cucumber on it. Now spread the ketchup and cover it with another bread slice.

• Egg bread sandwich is ready to serve.


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