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Khushboo Gupta

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How to make money blogging?


Engineer and part time Blogger | Posted on

We all need money even everyone wants and needs to make money. Now the question will come is it actually possible to make money online with blogging? So, here is the exciting news for you: yes you can. Blogging can be a great possible source of the fastest way to make money blogging. Not only does it allow you to flex your creativity, but you can also work from your home, at your own flexible time, and there is no such limit on how much cash you can generate from it.


You will find a lot of guidance about how to make money blogging on the internet, but here is some cookie-cutter advice that makes this article different.

1. Create your own website

If you are not a techie then creating your own website might seem a nightmare at the initial stage of time. But you can do it with WordPress within just 1 hour and there are lots of videos and useful blogs are available on the internet which will give you step-by-step guidance to start your own website.

2. Google AdSense

It can be the fastest and easiest way for a beginner to start their passive income with blogging. CPC which stands for cost per click advertisement is those ads that can be shown on your website and you will be rewarded a percentage of the ad cost whenever a visitor clicks on those ads.

3. Selling Digital products

If you are not at all interested to advertise other’s products on your website then there are some below-mentioned key digital products and with the selling of those, you can generate handsome revenue.

• Online educational course.

• Useful Video and images which can be used by other people in their own content.

• EBooks and so on.

4. You can offer services based on your skills

Apart from the traditional methods, you can promote your expertise to deliver training or consulting services to businesses or individuals. Side by side you have to make some SOE-dense blogs regarding the same to rank your website on the top of google search. People who are in need of those can directly contact you and you can earn from it.

5. Earn from Speaking Gigs

Last but not the least, if blogs on your website take off, and you start being popular as a Guru in your domain, you might be gaining plenty of invitations to speak at a public forum. The earning from it can go at a reasonable point when you will count product sales resulting from the speech.


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