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How to prevent Nipah virus infection?


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Last year, there was an outbreak of the Nipah virus inKozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala. It killed 17 people. With proper and proactive measures, the healthcareofficials there did manage to contain the deadly virus.

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It also marked the third time an outbreak of the Nipah viruswas reported in India. It happened first in 2001 when 45 people died, and then in 2007 when 5 people lost their lives.

Now, Nipah virus is back in the headlines again.

A 23-year old man, admitted in a private hospital in Kerala's Ernakulam, has been tested positive for this disease. Over 80 people who came into contact with this man is now put under surveillance. A handful of them is already showing symptoms of Nipah virus.

This has sent major concern across the state. While the government officials, including union health minister Harsh Vardhan, has asked people not to panic, it's fair to assume that people will panic.

Nipah virus spreads through fruit bats. They are the naturalreservoir of the Nipah and Hendra viruses. Their urine, feces, saliva and birthing fluids host these diseases. The virus transmits through human-to-human, as well as animal-to-human touch.

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Symptoms of Nipah virus includes regular-like fever, drowsiness, headache, vomiting, sore throat and mental confusion. It usually leads to pneumonia and severe respiratory problems. The affected person might also have seizures, and then eventually go to coma, within two days of the earliest symptoms of Nipah virus. And if further left unchecked with effective medical intervention, the person dies.

Sadly, there exists no cure for Nipah virus till now. So, the patients tested positive for this disease, most of them die.

Coming to how to prevent Nipah virus, the question you originally asked, there are a few things you can do.

• Do not consume date palm sap.  

• Avoid fruits that might be contaminated by the bats; this means, keep away from fruits of trees/plants where bats live.
• Keep away farm animals from eating fruits contaminated by bats.
• Keep an eye on the bulletins/updates from the government health department. In such cases, they usually issue alerts and guidelines.
• Do not travel to places, localities where the prevalence of Nipah virus is high. If you live there yourself, avoid hitting outdoors for unnecessary reasons. Avoid traveling in public commute.
• If someone in your family or locality is showing even the tiniest symptoms of Nipah virus, report to the doctors immediately. Do not come in direct touch with that person.
• If you believe you are infected, get away from everyone. Do not come in direct contact with anyone. Head straight to a good hospital.
These are some basic ways how to prevent Nipah virus.

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In the end, do not panic. Do not forward Whatsapp messages that would likely trigger further panic. Stay calm. Inform others how to identify the symptoms of Nipah virus and what precautionary measures they can take.

Yes, there exist no preventive and curative solution for Nipah virus. However, the health officials in Kerala did a fairly decent job last time in containing the disease. Trust them. They are already working hard to prevent any outbreak this time.

Hope this answers your question (and confusion) in detail.


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