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how to promote your youtube channel for free?


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There are billions of active users who log in to YouTube every month and spent plenty of hours of videos on it every single day. YouTube had recently overtaken social media giant Facebook as the 2nd most visiting site on the internet.


Now if you have started a channel on YouTube and thinking about getting a flood of followers then you came to the right place.

In this article, we will cover up 5 tips on how to promote your YouTube channel for free, without paying a dime. Yes, it takes time but our tips will be very much beneficial for you.

1. Always use Google-friendly SEO keywords

This is the first step, you have to find the potential keywords before making any videos. You have to identify user intent and create a list of potential keywords, which will promote your YouTube channel easily. There are tons of YouTube SEO tools that help you to find the right keywords that your target audience is looking for.

2. Write engaging, eye-catching titles

Your presentation will play a key role to promote your YouTube channel. People are always craving content that is entertaining in nature. So, always try to craft killer titles that grab the audience's attention.

3. Promote your channel on Social media

In the modern era, Facebook and Instagram are still two of the most popular social media platforms. Besides your YouTube presence, you have an account in social media where your audience is most likely to hangout. You can promote your channel there for free. It is always recommended to create a Facebook page to keep your Brand and personal life separate.

4. Customize your video thumbnails

After creating an eye-catching title you have to focus on punchy thumbnails which is the simplest yet effective tactic to promote your YouTube channel. Creating meaningful thumbnails not only makes your videos look more appealing but also signals a certain sense of professionalism.

5. Seek Help from your viewers

You can always request help from your viewers by asking “Like, Comment, And Subscribe”. You can request help directly during the 3 moments.

• Beginning of your video

• End screens

• In your video description.

Always try to focus on building quality content and then how to promote your channels.

Your viewers are the real assets of your channel. Make them happy, in the future, they might support your promotional effort.


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