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How to protect yourself from ‘Summer Cold’?


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Yes, a cold during summer time sounds strange. But how it is. Summer colds are very much common. It can catch you even the hottest summer day. While winter colds are caught by viruses but summer colds are caught due to enteroviruses.

Some common symptoms of summer cold are:

* Fever

* Sneezing

* Stuffing and runny nose

* Scratchy throat

* Sore throat

* Coughing

* Congestion

Well, you don't have to suffer for long. Usually the symptoms disappear after one or two weeks and even earlier if taken good remedies.

Some remedies to cure summer cold are:

* Steam inhalation: Steam inhalation helps clear out the excess mucus and helps you sleep better, which is important for faster recovery.

* Ginger: It has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that help reduce the inflammation in your nasal passages and lessen the excessive mucus that is being produced. It also keeps the body warm, which helps the healing process.

* Cinnamon: 2008 study published in Nutrition Today highlights the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of cinnamaldehyde, the main component in cinnamon.

* Honey: Honey is antimicrobial in nature and contains compounds that kill the viruses that cause colds. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe an irritated throat as well as shorten the duration of a cold.

These are the remedies which can kick off you summer cold easily.



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Here are some straightforward tips for maintaining a strategic distance from colds and influenza, and for feeling better quick on the off chance that you become ill in any case.

Avoid pressure. At the point when you are under pressure your insusceptible framework doesn't function just as it should. This makes your body increasingly defenseless against contaminations, including colds and influenza. Attempt to understand your issues by keeping your sense cleverness and la solid point of view.

Wash your hands. You can come down with a bug or seasonal influenza by contacting something presented to the infection, similar to somebody's hand, a mobile phone, or another surface, at that point contacting your eyes, nose, or mouth. When germs get into your repiratory framework, they will spread rapidly.

Grab extra shut-attention. At the point when your body is attempting to fend off a cold or this season's flu virus, it needs heaps of rest. Try not to propel yourself. Take a vacation day from your typical exercises. It will assist you with recovering, and it may secure your loved ones or more collaborators from getting your germs.

Say goodbye to germs. Keep your home truly perfect and germ free, and you will shield yourself from colds advertisement influenza. Utilize a disiinfectant, similar to Lysol or an answer of blanch and water to clean kitchen counters, door handles, cupboard handles, PCs and whatever else you contact.

Quiet your hack. Make your own common hack syrup by blending the juice of one lemon in with two tablespoon of glycering and 12 teaspoons of nectar. Take one teaspoon each half hour, blending befor each utilization.