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Nisha Sharma

@letsuser | Posted on | Health-beauty

How to reduce tar and make my lungs clean? How to live a healthy life in Delhi?


writer in new York today | Posted on


Tar is a sticky brown substance resulted from smoking and it also collective term of various particles suspended in tobacco smoke. Tar damages our cilia which are tiny hair lining to the upper air way. When cilia damaged tar ppenetrate to the lungs causes more damage to the lungs. Immediate effect of damage lungs is chest pain, hard breath, cough and chest tightness. Tar contains cancer causing chemicals.

It also stains teeth, nails and lungs.
Remedies for reducing tar from lungs :
First and important thing is to quit smoking. I know you can't. For this in market nicotine chewing gums are available. This is the safest way to quit the smoking.
Regular practice of deep breathing excersice. It will help tout strengthen your arms and lungs and clear your airway.
Eat lung strengthening food like vitamin- E content food and mucous clearing food like pistachios and plantain leaf etc.


Nutritionist & Wellness Coach; DNHE -( IGNOU) Specialist in fitness Nutrition (ISSA ); Certified Yoga Expert(BVB) | Posted on

In order to live a healthy life in Delhi or any other city for that matter, you need to do the following

1) Adequate Exercise - at least 45 mins daily. Walk at least 10,000 steps daily. In doors or outdoors basis level of pollution.

2) Complete Medical check up at least once every year.

3) Adequate rest - at least 6hrs of sleep daily.

4) Consume Balance diet

5) Don’t skip meals

6) Meditate 10 mins daily and read positive material.

7) Plant more trees to help improve air quality. Indoor and outdoor.

8) Use certified & specialized Air purifier in home as well as cars.

9) Don't Smoke.

10) Avoid Alcohol

11) For strengthening of lungs do pranayam.

12) Include ginger, turmeric, garlic , green tea, calciferous vegetables and vitamin C rich foods in your diet.



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