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Naveen Kumar

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How to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle ?


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The simplest thing that one can do to live a fit and healthy lifestyle is to walk. So many people undermine the effectiveness of walking every day because, well, it doesn’t make your heart race, it doesn’t make you lose your breathand you don’t sweat buckets. Understand that what people do at the gym is completely different to what you should do at minimum to live a healthy lifestyle. Their major focus is not only to stay fit but to look good. And that’s not what you’re looking for.

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It has been proven scientifically in countless studies that just walking 30 minutes every day can help you averse cardiovascular issues, strengthen your bones, maintain the right fat percentage in your body, boost your power (muscle and endurance) and, most importantly, help you stay fit psychologically.

So, if you’re looking to live a healthy lifestyle, the simplest thing you can do is walk every day. Just 30 minutes of it will work miraculously.

Once you’re done with this, next look at what you’re eating. Although it’s always recommended to eat only healthy food, it’s not possible for many—at least for Indians who obsess fried, road-side food. So, I am not going to tell you to eat “only healthy”. What you should be doing instead is to look at your diet and make very small changes.

For instance, if you eat regular bread, switch to the brown one. If you eat regular rice, switch to brown rice. If you eat butter, move to healthy cheese. If you love meat, avoid the red ones and go for the chicken’s breast. For breakfast, opt for oats. Consume more green vegetables. Drink more water. Instead of cold drink and alcohol, go for fresh juices. Start eating almonds and walnuts. Change the brand of your cooking oil to Saffola or Rice Bran. Just make very small changes. Take your time. Such minor steps will ease the process for you and you won’t feel overwhelmed with your changing diet.

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Next, start waking up early. Again, there is scientific evidencethat waking up early can play a major role in helping you psychologically, which, unsurprisingly, span into helping your physical health. So, start getting up at least 6:00 am every day. In just a matter of a couple of weeks, you will notice the difference in your mental and physical health yourself.

These are a few simple ways to help you live a healthy lifestyle.


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