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Harshal Shah

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How to track ASO results in Google Analytics ??


SEO Analyst | Posted on

Identifying your most valuable users and customers is the key to understanding your app and creating the roadmap of marketing actions. This vital information is included in Google Analytics  as well as in both Google Play Console and iTunes Connect, however, to break down the metrics down even more per keywords, or compare your app with your real ASO competitors, an in-depth detailed ASO tool will be more helpful.

As we know Google is a renowned expert in all sorts of analytics that Android developers can benefit from, and long ago has implemented the insights for User Acquisition that help understanding the main sources of traffic for retained installers and buyers.

How to find this data:

Login to your Google Analytics account.

Select the app you want to analyze.

Go to User Acquisition > Acquisition Reports:

Key metrics

Similarly, Google Play Store gives out an information about these 3 key metrics to monitor for app discovery, conversion funnel and retention:

Store listing visitors – a number of people who have viewed an store listing in Google Play Store.

Installers – a number of users who have installed an app (after viewing store listing).

Installs without store listing visit – to activate this metric, just tick the box to include it, that is located in the right corner of Installers and Retained Installers chart. It will show unique users who have installed an app without visiting its Play Store listing, or had the app pre installed.


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