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Malik Umair

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Is a lump in a breast a sign of breast cancer?


Surgical Oncologist in Venkateshwara Hospital | Posted on

A lump in breast may be a sign of cancer. A lump in breast can mean you have cancer. But this should be kept in mind that all lumps in breast do not signify cancer.

A lump may be benign, which means non-cancerous lump, or it may be malignant meaning a cancerous lump.

Weather a lump is cancerous or not also depends on the duration of the lump in breast. If a lump has been there for a very long time, it may be non-cancerous, but if it is new, and has been there for only a few months, it may turn out to be cancerous.


Usually, cancerous lumps in breast are also associated with some other signs which can work as forewarning. The signs include:

• Change in the shape of breast.
• ***** retraction.
• Bloody discharge from the *****.
• Some lumps in the underarms.

So, if a lump is found in the breast, it should be investigated. A breast lump is recommended to undergo a needle test, which is called Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology. Unless this test is done, we cannot be sure if a lump in breast is cancerous or not. Hence, all lumps in breast should be investigated with FNAC to be sure if they are cancerous or non-cancerous.

Whenever, a lump is noticed, ultrasound of the breast and the X ray of the breast should also be done to be sure.


Blogger | Posted on

It may not be always. I'd suggest seek for oncologist's advice as there are multiple test and examination required...some part of the lump is extracted and examined in the lab to find out if the cancerous cells are available in that in order to test.


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