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Is Delta Variant More Deadly and What are the symptoms of Delta Variant?


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Coronavirus has never stopped spreading around and now it has been increasing rapidly. If we talk specifics, England has been facing a struggle with Covid-19 and now in almost every 11th day, the cases are taking the growth step in the chart. These cases which are coming up are similar to Delta Variant of coronavirus. This variant of Covid-19 is dominating the world at high peaks. According to the World Health Organization, the delta variant is the ' Variant of Concern'. 
The United Kingdom is going through the third wave of coronavirus which is determined by the delta variant, which is found to have taken birth in India. 
Delta variant was firstly noticed in India in October 2020 and now is controlling the whole world under itself. The whole situation is so vital because of the rapid spread of the delta variant. Delta variant has a dominance over all because of its contagious nature. 

Delta plus Variant 
After dominating the second wave of coronavirus in India, Delta Variant has now been taking new shapes and another concern which is growing rapidly is the parent version of Delta Variant. This is known as Delta Plus. According to the experts, Delta Plus will totally ignore the vaccine of Covid-19 and also infection immunity in the body. 

Symptoms of Delta Plus
As Delta Plus has been noticed to dominate the world, doctors and scientists have undergone various lab tests. Experts have been trying to find the difference between the Covid-19 and the new variant, Delta Plus. As in the previous reports it was suggested that the patients go through dry cough, feber, aches, pains, sore throat etc but apparently, patients who are struggling through Delta Plus have stomach ache, joint pains, nausea, hearing impairment etc. 

Growing concern to India
Health experts have reported that there is great need for the country to be warned about the Delta Plus which is also known as AY.01 variant. Experts have also mentioned that this variant can let go of the third wave which is expected in the coming months. According to the data, the growth of this variant is supposedly slow but as of now, Delta plus is dominating the whole country. 


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