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Rahul Mehra

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Is Dhadak better than or even as good as Sairat?


Choreographer---Dance-Academy | Posted on

Produced by Shashank Khetan, the Jahnvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar starrer Dhadak has hit the box office yesterday. Since its trailer was released, a lot of opinions have been formed about the movie. On one hand, it was getting positive attention, while on the other it was being called “trash” as compared to the original movie Sairat. Jahnvi Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar play the role of Parvati and Madhukar respectively in the film. Audience had a lot of expectations from the movie as it is the remake of Marathi superhit, Sairat. But it has earned a lot of negative reviews too. One reason of the movie getting so much attention was Jahnvi Kapoor, who has been in the limelight since the death of her mother, Sri Devi. Ishaan Khattar’s acting too was praised by the audience in his previous movie.
Dhadak’s Performance

Mismanaged Screenplay: There is nothing special in the film’s screenplay. The transition from one scene to other is neither clear nor realistic. While the first half of the movie is stable, the latter half reaches the conclusion in haste.

Change in the story: The story resembles that of Sairat but there are many changes which are not for good. Sairat represents the father of the protagonist as a fisherman, while in Dhadak he’s shown as the owner of a restaurant. The story of Sairat is simple yet realistic, while Dhadak loses its realism because of the superfluousness.

The “Karan Johar” Tag: The mere tag of “Karan Johar” on any film makes it a masala movie which has no links at all with reality. This “Dharma Production” like all others failed badly in representing something innovative. The usual rich-poor plot, luxurious palace, the melodramatic battle against the world for love, and overacting are present in excessive amounts in Dhadak like any other Karan Johar film.

Acting and Music: Talking about acting, Ishaan’s skills surpassed those of Jahnvi in every way. Ishaan seems far better and mature than Jahnvi as an actor throughout the movie. Music is good, but lyrics are not up to the mark.

Which movie is better: While Sairat is realistic in every way, Dhadak seems far away from reality. The song “Jhingaat” loses its essence and liveliness in the remake as the bad choreography replaces the natural steps in Sairat. Sairat was set in a rural background while Dhadak loses that essence as it shifts the setting to a dream-like town.

(Translated from Hindi by Meetali)