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Aditi Ahuja

Financial Advisor | Posted on | Share-Market-Finance

Is it difficult to get a job even after becoming a CA?


Financial Advisor | Posted on

You may get a job after qualifying as a CA, but it may not be to your satisfaction. Along with your qualifications, you also need to be skilled in your communications and have the confidence enough to beat the others who compete for the same job. Jobs in India are scarce for those who worth more than the salary the companies are willing to pay. Most companies keep a fixed salary and do not increase despite the qualification of the candidate. They would prefer a candidate with lesser qualification to fit in with the salary fixed by them. Another factor is that if you have just graduated with a degree you might have to settle with less salary for a few years to gain experience. This makes life tough for those who have taken years to complete their education with a lot of money invested. 


Can a CA open up his/her own firm?
Anyone who has been qualified as a Chartered Accountant can choose to start up with his/her practice. You may arrange finance for start up with several lending options available in the market. Before starting up you should know about the business strategies and how it works. You need not invest a huge sum in the beginning. You need to be well aware of the areas which you can work into such as, auditing, assurance, tax consultancy and others. You can practice on your own in the following areas:

• You can take a franchise of Taxation Software Company.
• Tax Consultancy Services.
• Audit Expertise Services
• Outsourcing Services
• Open an Academic for chartered accountant Courses


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