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Is Samsung launching the first glimpse of foldable phone?


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In last week’s Developer Conference, Samsung teased its foldable device. And the world was glued. After years of anticipation, the brand disclosed its foldable phone—albeit in dark.

Clearly, the phone isn’t ready. And since a first-generation, it's likely going to be a tad disappointing to the kind of expectations we have from our phones now. But that aside, it’s a big (BIG) leap in the tech world. And in half-a-decade when the Smartphone industry will be in a whole different place, the world will return back to see this moment when Samsung unveiled its foldable phone. 

Letsdiskuss  (Courtesy: Mashable)
Now, nothing is confirmed yet. We don’t know what this phone is called, when will it come in the market, what’s its price and so forth. But recently, a news agency in South Korea published an article with answers to a few of these questions.
The Samsung foldable phone will be called Galaxy F. It can be priced as high as $1,770. And it will be released in March 2019.

foldable-smartphones-letsdiskuss  (Courtesy: News Nation)
(Again, these are just the rumors, and nothing is made official yet.)
Now coming to an interesting part. Is Samsung foldable phone really the first foldable phone? Little known Royole Corporation has come to spoil the party for Samsung. It’s a China-based company. Last week, it introduced the world’s first foldable phone. (Yes, Samsung is not the “first”!) The phone is called Royale FlexPai. It has a whole different concept.
foldable-smartphones-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Android Authority)
As you can see, it folds like a book. There’s a clear dent in the middle. Assumingly, the display isn’t necessarily as good (308 PPI). It trades well in other specifications like OS, Storage, and RAM. However, bottom line is, Royole Flexipad is completely hideous. And it isn’t something we hoped a foldable phone would be like.

So, all eyes are now Samsung to truly provide a good – if not great – foldable phone that the world has always expected. Sadly though, Samsung foldable phone would be the second one.  


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