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Is the web series based on Ruskin Bond’s stories worth watching?


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It largely depends on your own taste as the web series is mainly for children of 8-16 years of age. The series, however, is entertaining enough to keep the adults engaged as well.

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The Hindi web series, named “Parchayee: The Ghost Stories”, is based on four short stories of the Anglo-Indian writer. You must have read the famous short stories The Ghost in the Garden, The Wind on Haunted Hill, Wilson's Bridge and The Overcoat, either as a child or an adult. And even if you haven’t read, you can get acquainted with them through this web series.

The first episode of this series has already been aired on Zee5, and it has all the elements of a Ruskin Bond horror children literature. The vivid description of Uttarakhand hills that Ruskin Bond always offers in his short stories has always won our hearts and we all know how perfect hills are for the setting of a horror story.

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This is the kind of perfect combination, elevated with elements like foggy backgrounds, tense music, etc. which makes the series engaging enough for all the age groups.

The Ruskin Bond effect is a bit diluted in the ill-directed first episode of the series, I would say, but still, the innocence of the story will keep the viewer bound.

Bond’s ghosts are not fearful and unrealistic, so to say. They are, in fact, friendly, cute, and like the characters which teach the protagonist something worthy in the end.

Directed by VK Prakash and Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, the first episode tells us that the series will only get better with the subsequent episodes.

One thing that gives Parchaayee an edge over other web series is its innocence in the world of series like Mirzapur and Sacred Games. The second episode of it is scheduled for 28th January.


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