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is there any hindu king in history who married muslim princess or british lady?


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I am certain there are numerous such examples.
Notwithstanding, since Islam requests that no one but Muslims can wed Muslim ladies, as a rule the Hindu person needed to change over, regardless of whether for namesake. They even needed to change their name into something Middle eastern and were outcasted by their Hindu people group, for wedding a Muslim was against Hindu rank traditions.  
One such occasion I can remember is the Hindu leader of Odisha, Ramachandra Deva II who was first constrained into Islam and afterward needed to wed the little girl of a Muslim Nawab of Odisha. The King furtively remained an aficionado of his family God, Lord Jagannath, yet the ministers did not enable him to serve the sanctuary, which was generally the most renowned right of the leaders of Odisha.
Ramchandra's rule is brief and wild. He is compelled to wed the girl of the late Murshid Quli Khan, Nawab of Bengal, and is proclaimed a pariah. On account of this he relinquishes the privilege to enter the Jagannath sanctuary. After his marriage he stays at Narsingarh, however notwithstanding during his concise period on the royal position, he had confronted an assault by one Taki Khan against Puri.
Obviously, his subjects would not acknowledge a Muslim lord as the heavenly leader of Odisha, they welcomed the Marathas to oust the Nawabs of Bengal. Odisha stayed under Marathas after that until the Marathas were expelled by the British.
There gives off an impression of being an interregnum in the kingdom, maybe because of the removal of Ramchandra. There is no known ruler for a range of eleven years, until the district has experienced a difference in overlord.
Under the order of the Peshwa, the Maratha armed force comes to Rajasthan in 1735, Delhi in 1737, and Orissa and Bengal by 1740. In 1742, Orissa is surrendered by Nawab Alîwirdi Khan of Bengal to the Marathas (as Raghuji Bhosale of Nagpur).



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