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Racish KUMAR

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Isn-t Virat Kohli India-s worst cricket team captain?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

You would have to be supremely high – even rivaling Snoop Dogg – to think that Virat Kohli is a bad Indian cricket team captain, let alone the worst one.

And guess what? I am not even a big Kohli fan! 

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Indian Express)

Here’s what the numbers say: 

• Virat Kohli is the second most successful Indian test team captain. He has led the team in 41 test matches—22 wins, 9 losses, 9 draws. Only Dhoni has pulled more wins as the team’s captain with 27 victories. He did that in 60 matches. Comparably, Kohli has a higher winning percentage than Dhoni. It’s only a matter of time till Kohli bags 5 more test wins and equals Dhoni.  

• Virat Kohli is the most successful T20 team captain. He overtook MS Dhoni only recently, totaling 11 victories in 17 matches.

Courtesy: The National)

• Virat Kohli is one of the most successful ODI team captains. With 76.47 percentage, he has the highest winning rateamong team captains who has led the team in more than 10 matches. While it’s very unlikely that he would overtake MS Dhoni, Ganguly, and other legendary captains anytime soon, he’s at least recognized among the very best with his current statistics.

With all these numbers, do you still think Virat Kohli is the worst Indian cricket team captain? Why? Just because he (and the entire team) performed poorly in England?

You, sir, are high on a whole different level. ;)


Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on

He may not be the best Captain India has ever had, and people may still doubt Virat's presence being inevitable in the team after India's wonderful performance in Asia Cup, but he's definitely not the worst captain.

There's no ground at all which can support your argument. 


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