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Chhavi Tyagi

digital marketer | Posted 20 Sep, 2019 |

keyword research tools?

Almhdy digital

programmer | Posted 01 Jan, 2020

the best and cheapest tool I use KEYWORD RANK CHECKER to track my keyword rankings in real-time on google search engine.

Naman Modi

Web Developer | Posted 23 Sep, 2019

I would like to recommend you to use these keyword research tools-

1. Ahrefs

2. SEMrush

3. UberSuggest

Arjun Roy

IT EXECUTIVE | Posted 21 Sep, 2019 is one of my favoirte tool for keywords planning. in this tool yo can search keyword according  your use.such as google ,youtube,bing.

Alka yadav

Analyst | Posted 20 Sep, 2019

First of all, you should need a fresh content ,more informative content can increase your website traffic and also tendency for users to stay on your webpage.While writing the content keyword stuffing should be avoided to reduce SEO penality issues.
For keyword research, I usually use Google Keyword planner which usually  helps me to find search volume of keywords  for search engine optimization works.
The Other keywords selection tools what we can use are:
1. Moz Keyword Explorer 
2. Infinite Suggest 
3. Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand 

4. keyword tool 


6.Keyword In

7.IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

8.Google Correlate

9.Wordtracker Scout

I think These tools  would really helps you for keywords research

Chhavi Tyagi

digital marketer | Posted 20 Sep, 2019

Top 8 keywords research tools  :

1. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

2. Ubersuggest

3. Google Keyword Planner

4. Keywords Everywhere

5. Keyword Snatcher

6. Google Trends

7. SEMRush

8. KWFinder